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Is Your Corporate Mortgage Marketing Keeping Up With Compliance?

January 25, 2012

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Effective mortgage marketing for your team members is more important than ever. So is your requirement to ensure compliance and save time.

Recently, Originations Solutions & Information (OSI) released their latest fully web based mortgage marketing system that allows corporate administrators to control important aspects of the mortgage marketing created by loan officers.

From one administrator login, companies can now add/delete loan officers, setup and lock closing cost/APR calculations, disclaimers, logos and more. Multiple cost areas can be setup to accommodate different counties or states. Corporate administrators also have the ability to designate branch administrators who can control the above items for their locations across the country.

When loan officers create anything from rate sheet flyers that auto-calculate APR, side-by-side financing comparisons for house flyers, point-of-sale buyer cost summaries and any other financial reports, all non-recurring and prepaid closing costs setup by the corporate administrator are automatically used to calculate financing. These items are automatically locked giving corporate administrators piece of mind that correct APR calculations, disclaimers and other compliance requirements are always used for all mortgage marketing material.

The latest mortgage marketing software release by OSI is 100% web based which means that no I.T. resources are needed. Since no software ever needs to be downloaded and installed, OSI updates all industry compliance changes real-time. VA funding fees, FHA limits and MIP, USDA calculations and much more are instantly updated and automatically added to all loan officer accounts.

Ensure compliance and gain control over your corporate mortgage marketing. Contact OSI for a live webinar for your company.

Contact: OSI Customer Care 1-866-674-1999
Company: OSI Corporate Mortgage Marketing, Orange-Ca